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Custom Portraits

Your fur baby, person, toaster - whatever you love, in my unique style.

I draw them using computer software. The finished portrait is digital, not a hard copy. You receive high resolution files that you can use as you like. It can be scaled up to just about any size.

I will need a reasonable quality photo of your subject. You retain copyright of your approved portrait. I only use them for this website and marketing my business, not for my products.

To enquire about having a portrait done, please contact me.

"A portrait with soul and spirit"

          - Cristina, podcaster

"I adore it thank you Anna xxx"

      - Pam, Scout's mum

Me with HP Mural
A dog portrait by Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson at Qwertywords
20230323 - Reo and HP Mural.jpg

This is a mural on canvas that I created for HorsePower in Capel, Western Australia. I first created the individual portraits in digital format, then brought them together into a single image. We then got a canvas design company to create the physical product. Reo enjoyed posing with his portrait!

Dog Portraits by Anna
Cat Portraits by Cat
Horse Portraits by Anna
dog and stick by Anna Johnson
Dog Portraits by Anna
Dog Portraits by Anna
A horse portrait by Anna
Bird portrait by Anna
Kitty Portrait by Anna
Doggie portrait by Anna
Llama Portrait by Anna Johnson
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