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Don't Try This at Home

Don't Try This at Home book

Hilarious true tales of my struggle to adapt to the Australian outback.

162 pages • all digital formats

"A cracking read" - Jo, Perth

"If you only read one book this year..."

  - The West Australian


This laugh-out-loud book is a collection of very funny (and sometimes tear-jerking) personal essays by Meekatharra writer Anna Johnson ("The Trailer Diaries", available on Amazon), some of which were originally printed in "The Meekatharra Dust" and generated a substantial regional audience who've been clamouring for more.


It's all about life in the remote Australian outback town of Meekatharra, the characters, madness and sublimely absurd day to day life of a rough-as-guts outback town where you're accepted for who

you are, whether you're wearing a three piece suit,

a cow costume - or, like Naked Man, nothing at all.


It's a heartfelt celebration of small town outback life, including everyday events such as being lowered into a mine pit to rescue a dog, being chased by a snake in the pub or fighting with the travelling nuns over the last of the supermarket meat packs - the kind of thrills you just don't get in the city.

"I snort laughed so many times my fiance thought I was ill and the dogs kept their distance."                       

     - Helen, Sydney

"Hubby won't let me read Anna Johnson's book in bed because I laugh too much" 

     - Sophia, WA

 "First, you may need to drop your standards somewhat. In fact, I would recommend not bringing any standards at all. Outback blokes are worth their weight in gold, but you'll need to assess your priorities, or as Dr. Phil likes to call them, "deal breakers". Are teeth important to you? What about underwear? West Australian men don't have underwear, and yours will only suffer the indignities attendant on the startling courtship rituals of the outback. A few pairs of comfy cottontails would be fine as long as you don't mind rescuing them from the diesel rag bin from time to time (behind the genny shed, next to the spare fuel lines)."

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