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Ebooks by Anna Johnson

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Humour • Fiction • Short Fiction

"If you only read one book this year..."

          - The West Australian

                   "Don't Try This at Home"

Illustrated storybook for those who are tired of adulting.

22 pages • digital PDF

$AU 7.99

Prize winning short fiction.

Has a dog in it.

No spoilers.

20 pages • digital PDF

$AU 4.99

Short fiction.

Your holidays will

never be the same.

8 pages • digital PDF

$AU 3.99

Hilarious true tales of my struggle to adapt to the Australian outback.

162 pages • all digital formats

$AU 8.99

Their Paws - JPG - Cover.jpg

Chicken ran away into the forest. In the forest, there

was an otter.

17 pages • digital PDF

$AU 3.99

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