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The Team

Who We Are

Anna at QWERTY

Anna Johnson

Writer, Illustrator and Bus Dweller

Ran away from home at age 48. Lives with dogs in a bus by the beach in Western Australia. If you want to know more, buy the book "Don't Try This at Home." It's hilarious.

I live with my two big dogs, Missy and Caesar - and, occasionally, a young possum who regularly falls in through the window - in a bus that is also a mobile art gallery.


Will we blog? Not yet. But maybe in the future. Mostly I am busy with adventures, art and the amazing people, dogs and horses we meet along the stunning southwest coast of Western Australia. 

In the meantime, you can find out more about me by buying my ebooks and subscribing for all the new releases that are on their way. Enjoy!


Swimsuit Model

Kelpie/Bull Arab crossed with a cat and a giraffe. Has nursing qualifications. Was once discovered illegally featuring in an international Instagram swimsuit shoot.

Missy at QWERTY
Caesar at QWERTY


Head of Security

Great Dane/Mastiff crossed with a tiny lapdog.

Takes his guard duties very seriously.

Don't try to take his teddy bear.


Master of Darkness

Lives in the fruit bowl of the bachelor pad next door. Routinely falls through bus window on to my head while using roof to get at the fig tree. Highly realistic portrait.

Possum at QWERTY
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